Health and Performance are the same thing!

Very rarely can we have one without the other.....and if by chance we do, it does not last long before everything comes crumbling down. I have always believed in the principle of "Balance" when trying to help individuals improve their health, performance and lifestyle!

There is a very clear and obvious relationship between "workload", "happiness", "health" AND "performance". To be completely honest there are for more factors that require consideration than just these. All too often people will train or work REALLY hard and because of fatigue (and other reasons) they let themselves down by not resting enough, not eating well, not getting enough quality sleep.....the list goes on. 

I am just like anyone else. I go through peaks and troughs of health, happiness and fitness. What I have learned along the way is the importance of balance. My wife and a couple of mates would suggest that I don't really have a stable balance....rather an EXTREME balance. I tend to exercise a lot, eat really well but also enjoy myself with a cold beer and lots of laughs with mates. While going through a 12 month cycle my weight fluctuates 10kg depending on where I am putting all my energy at particular months of the year. Is this healthy? Is this balance? Do I get the performances I am after? The answer is an overwhelming yes.....(again maybe my family and friends might not agree).

The key questions to ask yourself is what it is you want to be able to do and why? Do you want to lose some weight? Do you want to get leaner? Do you want to get fitter? Then why? Personally none of the above things REALLY motivate me. Doing an Ironman under 9hrs 30mins motivates me......all of the above will be achieved along the way. And I will get there one day because to me that is a challenge I am scared of. Running over a mountain pass with mates for 4 or 5 hours is enough motivation to get me out there doing it!

Not everyone is as crazy as me but that is how I tick. Do you know what it is you want to have? Do you want to just have a balanced lifestyle whereby you can have a couple of cold beers, you can enjoy some chocolate and just be healthy? The key to achieving this is going to be about having the right motivation, the right tools.
Most of us would love to run faster, lift more weights, look better, have more we know how to get all of those things? I have been a professional strength and conditioning coach for 15 years and only now do I feel I have all the tools! These tools are simple to define.

MOTIVATION is what you require and you need to have! You also need the KNOWLEDGE to understand what it is you need to do and when/how.

Regardless of whether you are an athlete seeking improvements in performance or you are just a normal person wanting to establish a healthier lifestyle.....the tools you require are exactly the same!


Yours in health and performance Gilly

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