The Recovery Factor – In Your Own Bathroom

Isn’t an amazing fact of life that all to often we are captivated by and then subtly enticed into purchases through the advertising pages in magazines or pictures plastered across our TV screens offering us the newest gadget to help us perform better?

It’s a great promise that all to often makes comfortable reading, viewing and more importantly sense. We say to ourselves why not try this new piece of equipment, heck if it works surely that’s a good thing and perhaps even better it might save us time or perhaps even better still more effort!

Notwithstanding or undervaluing the tremendous impact and advances in science and technology we have all witnessed or experienced in the field of human performance that have allowed us to understand our bodies better, heal from injuries faster and train smarter lets not forget…. its not all about the latest 0.2lb lighter than ever bike seat stem! Such thinking can easily see us overlooking the most important factor that will impact on our ability to perform – OUR BODY and while no individual athlete, team of coach should overlook the ability to learn and gain from advances in technology we should not do this at the expense of what is right on our doorstep to aid in addressing the foundations of health.

Body care is essential and yet is regularly just taken for granted for the simple reason that it is well… just too simple or obvious. Many, many years ago Hippocrates said “Health is our greatest Wealth” yet it is not until we are ill or have an injury that we fully appreciate the power or importance of such a statement and the wisdom it holds.

Ancient cultures intuitively understood this fact and many had rituals and routines that ensured they took excellent of their bodies. After all it wasn’t that long ago that our own body was our only means of transport, helped us to escape prey and do manual labour, so it made absolute sense that keeping it in prime condition was not only a good idea but essential for survival.

The romans for example used bathing as one of there ways to relax and allow the body to recover and heal and a bath is something almost every house or hotel (if you are travelling) has. Taking a hot bath not only allows you to unwind from a hard days training or competing but it also has many other benefits which include

It helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better.Helps with blood circulation – essential for healing and recoveryIt helps clean the skin and keep it in good condition (supple)It reduces muscle tensionIt boosts the immune systemIt removes toxins from the bodyIt helps to reduce stress levels

When Epsom salts are added and combined with essential oils such as wintergreen, black pepper, ginger, peppermint and eucalyptus you will expediate the response as these salts and oils work in conjunction with the bodies normal processes to promote faster healing and recovery.

For maximum benefits your bath should be between 37-39 Degrees Celsius in temperature and bathing time should between approximately 15-20mins.

This is a simple, affordable and relaxing way to take care of your body on a regular basis and its right in your home.


Greg Muller is a Performance Coach and Managing Director of Pure Athlete and Lead The Pack