Eric Murray

"In the early years of my rowing career, we used to do weight training with no real thought or specific direction and it was developed from our coaches who had no expertise in the field. Once we started training under Nic, we had a more specific strength and conditioning programme which was tailored to us individually. 

Being in a crew boat, we all had strength and weaknesses and so we worked on those individually, but the biggest asset we found, was the change of our programme to develop strength, power and speed. 

Before, we had just lifted weights. But with Nic’s expertise, we started to structure the programme which would be a 12 month program working towards the World Championships and Olympics. We would have specific blocks of training targeting different areas of our conditioning which would culminate in us being in the best physical shape possible for our pinnacle event. By supplementing our strength and conditioning programme with our rowing training, we had the best platform which would ensure that no stone would be unturned in our preparation.

We’ve continued to use Nic’s expertise over the years and have taken away valuable learnings, which we have been able to use in our current training programme. Nic has been a valuable asset to our team and we owe him a lot for our development over the years."

Eric Murray – Olympic gold medalist rower