Nic Recommends

The Wattbike

Simply the best there is in terms of a static bike in the world today and unrivalled in terms of the quality of the workout and the feedback you get. Static cycling is a recommended component in many of the programmes Nic creates for clients and if this can be done on a Wattbike, then you are going to get even better results.

The bike is used by Nic himself and by individuals, athletes and teams from just about any background you can imagine. What's cool about it is that it can actually coach good technique as well as telling you information like your power, heart rate, cadence, split of power between left leg and right leg and even the angle of peak force on each pedal! With a number of pre-loaded workouts, which include a highly effective Sub-Max Ramp test, it's an awesome ally on your road to health and fitness.

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