What Nic can do for you

This website is all about making you 'good, better or the best' and even the most basic programmes offered are tailor made for the individual, no matter what level they may be at.

You can choose a simple option where Nic provides a training programme for you based on your specific goals / interests and provides you with structure and progressions that work!. Beyond that, you can opt for a training package where you have much more interaction with Nic or even opt for the top level programme where you follow a tailor made programme and have regular interaction with him, providing him with results, comments and information that he and his team can use to see how well you are doing.

What's different about Nic's programme is the care and attention he provides to each client – and that will be a key part of YOU achieving your goals. And you won't believe how enthusiastic we are about making it work for you!

Assessing the goals, developing the right training programmes and action plans and then analysing the results and progress before planning, implementing and evaluating the next steps accordingly, This is the bedrock of what Nic provides to any client - private or corporate.

Be Good

Specific training plans tested in the field, proven to get results.

A range of “Blueprints” are available and all are based on the theory of “repetition” and “familiarity”. Repeating familiar sessions produces intensity… intensity will bring results!

Be Better

Individual plan based on your needs developed by Nic.

Every athlete is different and while the BLUEPRINT will be more than adequate for many athletes, the ability to have the programme individualised to your injury history, level of performance, training age/history, likes/dislikes, life stressors, family/friends and social occasions, work and everything else that fills our day is VITAL.

Be The Best

"Gold Plated" Coaching plan with constant communication and coaching by Nic.

“Gold Plated” Coaching plan with VERY LIMITED spaces. I can only have 10 athletes coached to this level at a time due to the time involved. Essentially this is the whole coaching process. You will have your plan “tailored” exactly to you and your needs.